EPDM O-Ring Catalogue

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EPDM O-Rings are also referred to as ethylene-propylene o-rings because of the chemical composition of the same name. The use of EPDM o-rings and seals are commonly found in the automotive manufacturing industry where sealing of brake systems is required. EPDM material is also compatible with heat as in steam and water vapor. In terms of chemical resistance, it has the ability to withstand mild acids and greases. Similar chemical media that are compatible with EPDM material include ketones, alkalis, silicone oils and alcohols.

Applications where ethylene-propylene compounds may not be suitable for use with include di-ester, petroleum, lubricants and fuel. Weathering and exposure to ozone degradation is one of the criteria in specifying ethylene-propylene sealing material. Where most other elastomeric compounds fail to perform upon contact with polar fluids, epdm o-rings and seals are an excellent choice.

The exceptional characteristics of EPDM to withstand weathering and high temperature has made them the idea choice for many applications particularly in automotive manufacturing. The continuous research and development of EPDM since it was introduced for commercial use at the start of the 1960s has made it the number three most widely used synthetic elastomer today. The elastic characteristics of EPDM, together with its flexibility at low temperatures has made it highly compatible for use in automotive brake systems and hose. SBR or styrene-butadiene rubber as well as natural rubber have been substituted by EPDM elastomers due to their exceptional ability to withstand coolant chemicals and dry heat.

EPDM o-rings and seals are available in both metric selection and in standard AS568.

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